They don’t think it do be like it is but it do

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You can also find this article in 繁體中文 here (still a WIP 🚧).

The year is 2020. Marie Kondo holds up your scattered python dependencies to the crowd. “Do these packages spark joy?” The crowd jeers, “No they do not!” She nods silently and throws them into the pit.

Why use a virtual environment?

First, let’s start with the two rules of Python development.

  1. You do not tamper with System Python
  2. You DO NOT tamper with System Python

The TL;DR reason is when you install a package into your system Python, you usually have to globally. This…


Hi I’m Frank 👋 I write about dev experiences related to data engineering and data science in English and Chinese. 你好,我是股阿厚,我會用中英文在這裡寫些關於數據科學和軟體工程有關的開發經驗。

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